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Sonata for Cello and Piano in F Sharp Minor, OP.8 Tracks 1-3

Textures Classical Music CD
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Complete Textures Music Sampler

Sonata for Cello and Piano in F Sharp Minor, OP.8 Tracks 1-3

Duet for Flute and Cello in D Minor, OP.11 Tracks 4-5

Piano Sonata in B Flat Major, OP.10 Tracks 6-8

Duet for Violin and Cello in A Flat Major, OP.9 Tracks 9-11

Meditation Track 12

Sonata for Violin and Piano in D Minor, OP.7 Tracks 13-15

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Textures Classical Music CD
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A Classical Music CD Offering Beautiful Chamber Music

Textures is a beautiful album filled with soothing classical music. This classical music CD is perhaps Sharon Ruchman’s most sophisticated yet, even though the album is composed for either duets or solo piano, rather than the trio and quartet pieces we see in her other CDs. Listen above to samplers from each of these tracks to get a feel for the direction Textures takes us in. And be sure to visit our iTunes store or Amazon if you’d like to purchase single tracks.

Textures begins with a duet for cello and piano in three movements throughout which the listener sees a maturing relationship between two musicians. Pianist Sharon Ruchman and cellist Mary Costanza are able to capture the dramatic nuances the sonata weaves for them as they journey together through this chamber music designed, it seems, perfectly for them.

The “Duet for Flute and Cello in D Minor, Opus 11” is a surprise! Well designed for background music for a movie scene, this piece commands two instruments to both play their lead parts at the same time, and yet the two very different voices come together in perfect, playful harmony. One must listen closely to hear the complete tale of these two movements.

The album next presents a piano solo that turns to a major key for the first time, yet still “weaves” in a minor key texture. A very interesting note about this piece: Sharon Ruchman, a woman composer who wrote the music for the entire album, and who played the piano on the album, has an impeccable sense of timing and uses it to affect a delightful and deliberate hesitancy in these three movements. It’s another “texture” that she offers in this album. The piece seems to be hesitant about something – thinking something through, not sure how to act or respond to something – until the very end of the third movement, when a decision seems to have been made. It’s a very interesting style that comes out exclusively in this piece.

In true chamber music style, we next hear a duet for violin and cello, a very soothing classical music piece in three movements – andante, larghetto and andante – that sways the listener in perfect tempo. The very next piece is a completely different texture in which piano again weaves its soothing tranquility into “Meditation,” a solo piece for Sharon.

Finally we come to the last texture, “Sonata for Violin and Piano in D Minor, Opus 7.” Again this is an example of incredibly soothing music, in which the two instruments are woven together in a sophisticated way and yet, easy to follow. The last movement of this piece adds a playful texture in what is a great way to end the album! Click “add to cart” to purchase this CD today.

Textures Classical Music CD
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