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Mother of the Bride: Is Wedding Ceremony Music One of Your Duties?

Mother of the Bride Gets Hug for Choosing the Right Ceremony Wedding Music

Every bride is different, and every wedding unique. As the mother of the bride, have you ever wondered what exactly your role should be? Some mothers take on more of a proactive role while others stand back and let their daughters delegate tasks and chores to them. Either way, we mothers know what needs to go into planning a wedding. All we can do is...Read more »

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The Challenges of Composing Music

When I create a piece, I want it to be unique. There are many challenges to writing original musical compositions.  The first one is creating a great melody or melodies for each piece. When I am satisfied with a melody or melodies for one piece, the next thing I want is to make certain that I am not duplicating something that I have written before....Read more »

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Choosing the Right Key For A Musical Composition

One of the first things I contemplate when beginning a new music composition is what key I should use. Depending on the type of piece I wish to write, I can choose either a major key, which offers a brighter sound and more cheerful feeling, or a minor key, which is often equated with a sad or somber feeling.  Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, for example, is...Read more »

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A Day in the Life of a Classical Contemporary Music Composer

There are some days I am not in the mood for writing, but I know that I must put my brain to work. As a classical music composer, I find some days are easier than others. I also find that if I don't tap into my “mental well”, I will be disappointed by an opportunity potentially missed. Continue reading Read more »

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