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‘FANFARE’ Magazine Features Reviews of Classical Music Composer & Pianist Sharon Ruchman CDs

Woman Composer Sharon Ruchman at her piano, 2011

Washington, CT, January 5, 2012 –The January 2012 issue of “Fanfare” magazine, one of the largest, oldest and most-respected bi-monthly magazines written exclusively for the avid music compact disc collectors and music aficionados, features an interview with classical music composer and pianist, Sharon Ruchman of Washington, Connecticut (www.sharonruchman.com). The issue also features two reviews of Ruchman’s first two CDs, “Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music” and “Arrival...Read more »

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Choosing the Right Key For A Musical Composition

One of the first things I contemplate when beginning a new music composition is what key I should use. Depending on the type of piece I wish to write, I can choose either a major key, which offers a brighter sound and more cheerful feeling, or a minor key, which is often equated with a sad or somber feeling.  Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, for example, is...Read more »

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