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Sharon Ruchman Remembrance Classical Music CD

  • Duets for piano, cello, violin and flute
  • Original classical music for gifts
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Remembrance Tracks 4-5

Remembrance Classical Music CD
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Remembrance album cover - Original Classical Music CD by Sharon Ruchman

<h3>Complete <em>Remembrance</em> Music Sampler</h3>
<h6>Cello and Piano Sonata in E Minor OP.4 Tracks 1-3</h6>

<h6>Remembrance Tracks 4-5</h6>

<h6>Flute and Piano Duets Tracks 6-7</h6>

<h6>Lament Track 8</h6>

<h6>Hope Tracks 9-10</h6>

<h6>Kaleidoscope Track 11</h6>

<h6>Calm Track 12</h6>

<h6>Longing Track 13</h6>

<h6>Variations of a theme in F for cello and piano Tracks 14-19</h6>

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Remembrance Classical Music CD
Purchase $9.99

An Original Classical Music CD that Invokes Memories

Remembrance is an album of mostly duet pairings between piano and cello, violin and piano, and flute and piano. This idea of pairings plays throughout the album: the tracks move from the minor to major feel and back again; the instruments take turns between being showcased and playing background for the other; the movements interchange between andante and allegro. This original classical music CD is filled with soothing music created to coax the listener to use his or her imagination to move from memory to memory. (You can click here to download single tracks from iTunes or Amazon.)

The first piece, Cello and Piano Sonata in E Minor, Opus 4, in three movements, has a distinct hint of Claude Debussy lightly sprinkled throughout and begins the journey for the listener. Next we’re treated to the album’s signature piece, Remembrance, a longing yet contented two movements in which we hear the violin reach for the limits of a happy ending and find them.

Next the flute and piano take their turn in a beautiful two-movement duet, again pulling the listener from major to minor modes, from fast to slow, from longing to triumphant. The album takes a turn to the sad with Lament, in which we hear the violin weep in a beautiful, yearning way for something we cannot see but can, perhaps, understand.

Sharon next gives us Hope, where she and cellist Mary Costanza present an uplifting and spirited duet before the playful Kaleidoscope takes us, once again, into the realm of imagination and remembrance.

Calm is the only solo on the album. Here Sharon brings back her Debussy-like style in what is perhaps the most soothing music on the album before picking up the pace again in the next violin / piano duet, Longing. The album ends with a six-movement duet for cello and piano, perfect for prelude wedding music. You can download the first movement of this piece by clicking here.

Remembrance is a beautiful album filled with soothing music. A truly melodic original classical music CD, Remembrance will take you back, help you relax, smile at old memories, and celebrate new ones.

Remembrance Classical Music CD
Purchase $9.99

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