‘FANFARE’ Magazine Features Reviews of Classical Music Composer & Pianist Sharon Ruchman CDs

Chamber Music album cover imageWashington, CT, January 5, 2012 –The January 2012 issue of “Fanfare” magazine, one of the largest, oldest and most-respected bi-monthly magazines written exclusively for the avid music compact disc collectors and music aficionados, features an interview with classical music composer and pianist, Sharon Ruchman of Washington, Connecticut (www.sharonruchman.com). The issue also features two reviews of Ruchman’s first two CDs, “Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music” and “Arrival of Spring”. Fanfare interviewer Maria Nockin commented in her review of ‘Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music,’ “Ruchman’s recording is a most interesting example of new music for the twenty-first century.”

Each issue of “Fanfare” magazine features interviews with music composers and performers, and reviews of their CDs. Ruchman noted, “I was told by ‘Fanfare’ staff members that I was unique to their coverage in that I am both an accomplished musician as well as a composer of classical music.” In addition to her first two CDs, on December 13, 2011, Ruchman released her third CD in three years’ time “Remembrance”. She released her first CD, “Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music” featuring “Sea Glass” in October 2009, and in November 2011, she released “Arrival of Spring”.

“For my third CD,” Ruchman commented, “I wanted to compose music specifically for violin, cello, flute and piano. While creating all of my CDs, I have enjoyed working with several local area musicians who accompany me in my compositions. Their talents inspired me to compose music specifically for their instruments and styles.” The new “Remembrance” CD is presented on 19 tracks. Tracks 1- 3 are a cello and piano “Sonata in E Minor”; track 4-5 is the song “Remembrance” with violin and piano; track 6-7 offers a flute and piano duet; track 8 is a violin and piano titled “Lament”; “Hope” is featured on tracks 9-10 in cello and piano; “Kaleidoscope” with violin and piano is featured on track 11; track 12 features a solo piece for piano, “Calm”; “Longing” is the violin and piano composition on track 13; and tracks 14-19  offers “Variations on a Theme in F Major for Cello and Piano”.

The “Fanfare” review of the “Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music” CD, states, “Ruchman does not feel a need to compose music that falls into step with a particular style because it is currently in vogue. In many ways, the music she composed for this disc has much in common with the styles of a century ago. Although she seems an unabashed melodist, she has a tendency to utilize more than one style of composition.”

Nockin wrote this comment in response to Ruchman’s website quote that states, “There are many styles of music by great composers that have inspired me and have allowed me to consider the myriad ways to make a composition interesting.” A graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music and Yale School of Music, Ruchman also sang for many years with several major choruses including those associated with the Cleveland and Philadelphia Orchestras.

Since 2009, pieces from Ruchman’s “Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music” and “Arrival of Spring” CD’s have been aired on WSHU and WMNR in Connecticut. In that year, her compositions were also selected by the National Composers Association to be performed in Portola, California as part of the “Music Under the Redwoods” concert. Two of her compositions were also performed in 2009 during the 10th Annual Hartford Women Composers Festival, and one composition was performed live by the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra in 2010.

“Fanfare” Reviewer Nockin wrote of Ruchman’s “Piece for Cello and Piano” on her “Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music” CD, “The piece ends as smoothly as a perfect summer day.” She also commented that Ruchman’s concluding piece on the CD, “Translucence” for cello and orchestra, “Ends with a memorably rhythmic tune. Ruchman’s piano is always the perfect conversationalist in this musical discourse.”

Nockin’s review of Ruchman’s second CD, “Arrival of Spring”, states, “This CD is a compilation of various forms of chamber music with Ruchman presenting a string quartet, two trios and four duos. She opens with the major piece, ‘Quartet in F# Minor’, and it offers a full-blooded statement of the melodic first theme. She concludes the quartet with a delightfully rollicking tune that suggests an old time barn-raising.”

“Arrival of Spring, the trio of pieces for which the album in named,” writes Nockin, “starts with subtle harmonies that bring to mind the first shy crocus peeking through the snow. Ruchman’s ‘Twilight’ invokes the setting sun with violin and piano, and calls upon coming nightfall to soothe the cares of the past day. ‘Exultation’ concludes this disc of intensely interesting modern chamber music.”

To learn more about classical music composer and pianist Sharon Ruchman, visit www.sharonruchman.com. Orders for Sharon Ruchman’s CD’s can be placed on her website as well as iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.com.


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