Download Sharon’s Original Classical Music Ringtone on Your iPhone

Original Classical Music Ringtone for iPhoneWould you like a free original classical music ringtone for your phone? If you’re a Sharon Ruchman fan you may have downloaded one of her free classical music mp3 pieces. The current piece, by the way, is a ceremony wedding music mp3. We’ve had some requests for an original classical music ringtone, so we decided to investigate the possibilities of offering Sharon’s fans an original classical music ringtone or two for their iPhones or Androids.

So far we were able to create an iPhone ringtone for you.* Believe us, it wasn’t easy! We did quite a bit of research and found that a lot of people have struggled with downloading custom ringtones onto their iPhones. The problem isn’t with creating the custom ringtone, but with getting the ringtone onto the iPhone.

We still wanted to offer you Sharon’s music as a ringtone because, once we were able to create the ringtone AND get it onto our iPhones, the original classical music ringtone sounded amazing and beautiful. We are excited to share with you the joy of Sharon’s original classical music so that you can hear it whenever your phone rings, when you receive a text, or even as your alarm ringtone.

Next time we will try it with an Android phone, but for now, here is what we found helped us successfully download Sharon’s original classical music ringtone onto the iPhone.

How to Download Sharon’s Original Classical Music Ringtone onto Your iPhone

You must sync your iPhone with iTunes in order for this to work. There are two scenarios when downloading the ringtone. The first is, you have a Mac-based computer with iTunes on the Mac. The second scenario is, you have a PC-based computer with iTunes on the PC.

Below we describe both techniques and hope (that is the operative word) that the appropriate method actually does work for you. We have found that sometimes the technique works and sometimes not.

Downloading the Classical Music Ringtone from iTunes on a Mac-Based Computer

  1. Click on the ringtone below. It will ask you if you want to open the file in iTunes. Click on that option.
  2. Your iTunes should open and display the ringtone in the ringtones tab. If you don’t see it, click on “Tones” on the left sidebar. If you don’t see the left sidebar, click on “View,” up on the top menu. Then click on “Show Sidebar.” Or hit the “Option,” “Command,” and “S” keys at the same time.
  3. Now that you are on the “Tones” page, you should see the ringtone file in the list of tones.
  4. Plug in your iPhone to your computer.
  5. You should see your iPhone listed on the left sidebar under “Devices.” Drag the ringtone over to your iPhone file.
  6. Power off your iPhone and power it back on. You should now see the ringtone in your iPhones ringtones. These can be found in your iPhone Settings app.
  7. Click on Settings / Sounds / Ringtones. You should see the original classical music ringtone at the top of your ringtones list. It may take a few minutes so if you don’t see the ringtone, wait awhile and then check again.

Downloading the Classical Music Ringtone from iTunes on a PC-Based Computer

  1. The first step is to copy the M4R file below from this page, and place it onto your computers desktop.
  2. Plug your iPhone into the computer and wait for the iTunes program to open. (If you do not have iTunes on your computer, you will have to install it.)
  3. If you do not see the left side bar, hit “View” from the top menu, then hit “Show Sidebar.” Or, hit the Control and S keys at the same time.
  4. On the sidebar, click on “Tones.”
  5. Go to your desktop and drag the M4R file from the desktop over to the iTunes “Tones” folder.
  6. The “M4R” ringtone file should be in the iTunes “Tones” folder now.
  7. Click on “Devices” and then click on your iPhone device.
  8. You will want to sync the tone into your iPhone. So, click on “Sync Tones.” Be sure to click on “All tones” to make sure that all your previous custom tones are included in the sync.
  9. Click “Apply” on the bottom right of your screen. The ringtones should sync into your iPhone.
  10. Go to your iPhone. Click on “Settings,” then “Sounds,” then “Ringtones.” You should see the new ringtone(s) at the top of the list of ringtones.

Click below to download one or both ringtones:

Arrival of Spring Ringtone

Flute and Cello Ringtone

Let us know how you made out. Were you able to successfully download Sharon’s original classical music ringtone? If not, we want to help you and can possibly do so if you let us know.

*Click here to learn how to make your own iPhone ringtone. But beware: we tried to download the “Fried Cookies” ringtone maker application – don’t do it! We found a malware called “Delta Search” downloaded with the program. Just make the ringtone from your iTunes program.

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