Ruchman’s Original Classical Music Heard on More Classical Music Radio Stations

Female classical music composer Sharon Ruchman composes original classical musicOriginal classical music composer Sharon Ruchman  has gained additional international radio play for movements from her album Remembrance.

Click on the links below to visit the classical music radio stations that are now playing Sharon’s classical music:

WRR Classical 101.1 Dallas, TX

Alabama Public Radio Tuscaloosa, AL

WHRO or WHRO on Connoisseur Classics Norfolk, VA


KCSC Edmond, OK

KCND Bismarck, ND

WMKY Morehead, KY

WBNI Fort Wayne, IN

Radio New Zealand Concert Wellington, New Zealand

Radio Filarmonia Lima, Peru

Radio Cultura Sao Paolo, Brazil


Classical Music Radio Takes a Turn Towards the Original

Original classical music is, in general, making a surge in popularity. Perhaps it was Anthony Hopkins following his musical dream that helped increase the popularity of original classical music. Maybe it’s the emergence of new young musicians eager to compose their own music. Maybe it’s the venues that have opened up opportunities for smaller chamber groups to play their instruments in small venues (listen to question #4 – The Sound of Music: Are Composers Writing Differently? – in this National Public Radio interview.)

The many classical radio stations that now play Sharon Ruchman’s original classical music consider her soothing instrumental music to be well-suited for airplay on their shows. She is now being heard among Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart and the great composers. Sharon is considered to be among the great composers of our time.

Sharon Ruchman’s Original Classical Music Also Takes a Turn

Sharon Ruchman’s music is not only on classical music radio. Her original classical music pieces have also gained notoriety in the world of classical wedding music. Her album Love & Ceremony – Wedding Music is a compilation of the most romantic pieces in her first four albums. Click here to see a short but beautiful ceremony wedding music video that Sharon produced in celebration of weddings everywhere.




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