Mother of the Bride: Is Wedding Ceremony Music One of Your Duties?

Mother of the Bride Gets Hug for Choosing the Right Ceremony Wedding MusicEvery bride is different, and every wedding unique. As the mother of the bride, have you ever wondered what exactly your role should be? Some mothers take on more of a proactive role while others stand back and let their daughters delegate tasks and chores to them. Either way, we mothers know what needs to go into planning a wedding. All we can do is assist our daughters in the planning process in whatever way they let us. We take on the “mother of the bride responsibilities.”

How the Mother of the Bride Can Help Plan the Music for a Wedding Ceremony

One way the mother of the bride can help tremendously is to remind her daughter to plan her ceremony music. We were shocked to learn, when Sharon first produced her wedding music demo video for her latest album, Love & Ceremony – Wedding Music, that most brides do not even think about choosing the right ceremony wedding music until very late in their planning stages.

If you think your daughter is one of these last-minute brides, and you don’t have anything else to do, congratulations! You’ve just found your niche. You can help her tremendously by opening up the world of musical choices for her wedding ceremony. You can take on the “mothers of the bride music duties.”

Prelude Music

In breaking down the different types of music brides will need, we can group the music into themes. Prelude music (sometimes called “pre-ceremony” music), has been classified as that music played while guests arrive at the venue. The musical term “prelude” refers traditionally more to a short piece of music preceding another, longer piece. An example is when the wedding party processes up the aisle before the bride. But here we refer to prelude music as being played before the procession begins.

Prelude music can be solemn and awe-inspiring, as is the case with original classical music. Or it can reflect the lively mood of a beach wedding. A friend who married last year in Key West chose calypso music, which played while we all got our drinks at the tiki bar and took our seats dockside.

When choosing prelude music, think about both the venue and the various personalities in the wedding. When you think of your daughter and music, what type of music best describes her personality? Asking the same question of her guests and the venue will help you choose the right prelude music. Watch this video to see how original classical music fits in well for both synagogue/church and outdoor weddings.

Processional Music

The ceremony processional music that naturally follows prelude music is typically structured in one of two ways. In many weddings, the wedding party processes up the aisle to one piece, and then the bride processes to a unique piece.

Such was the case last year in a relative’s wedding. Kristen hired a string quartet to play the prelude and ceremony music. The musicians played a new piece for processional music as the bride stepped out of the house and was escorted across the lawn to the pavilion.

If a processional piece is both striking to the bride and long enough in duration, then the same piece can be played while the entire bridal party processes up the aisle. Such is the case with Sharon’s Awakening, a 4-minute movement suitable for the entire bridal party to process to.

Recessional Music

The recessional music should be long enough so that the entire bridal party can recess down the aisle to music. Here, one piece may suffice, but best practices dictate that the planner be ready to queue more than one piece. When guests mull around after the ceremony, you want to be sure there is background music for them.

Again, watch the length of the recessional music pieces. If they are too short, you may end up with an awkward silence before the bridal party finishes recessing.

The wedding music that Sharon Ruchman has compiled in her album varies in length and is well suited for prelude, recessional and processional music. If you choose a DJ or CD music over live musicians, Love & Ceremony – Wedding Music is the perfect fit for any bride who wants original classical music in her wedding.

Click here to listen to samples, look at the length of each piece, and watch a video that shows how well classical music fits in with any wedding.

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