5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Last

Make your wedding last by creating a longer musical experience for the procession.You’ve spent at least a year planning and preparing. Everything is perfect, from the venue to the flowers, the dresses to the tuxes, the ceremony music to the DJ. Now is the time to make sure your entire wedding ceremony lasts long enough to make it memorable, but not too long that guests start squirming in their seats (haven’t you been to one of THOSE before?). It’s also the time to see how to make the entire experience last well beyond your wedding day. Below are 5 easy ways to make your wedding last.

1. Choose Processional Music that Enhances a Longer Bridal Party Entry

One way to make the ceremony last is to choose wedding processional music that is a bit longer, so that bridesmaids and bride can take their time processing in. Or, they can choose to lengthen their procession. If it’s an outdoor wedding, consider a longer path like the bride in Sharon’s latest wedding music video. It’s the beginning of the ceremony and guests want to see the beautiful dresses, flowers, hairdos, etc. It’s the perfect time to take your time and move slowly; make it last.

2. Make Sure the Recessional Music Encourages Guests to Mingle with the Wedding Party

When the bride and groom recess back down the aisle, we usually note that they move right along. Why not stop and greet the guests as you recess down the aisle? Say hello, share a smile, shake their hands, make it last. To do this, the recessional music needs to be long enough to allow for that time. This is why original classical music is perfect for wedding ceremonies. You can choose pieces that flow well one into the next, and because the music is instrumental, guests can talk with each other and the bridal party without distraction and still listen to the classical music in the background. This helps make your wedding last because you’ll be past the nervous stages and can relax and talk with your guests as a newly-married company.

3. Instruct the Videographer and Photographer to Work Together

Hiring a videographer will help you watch your own wedding for years to come. But here’s some advice our videographer gave us: don’t let the photographer get in the way of the videographer. We saw many samples of wedding videos where the bride is processing up the aisle and all of a sudden the photographer jumps in front of the videographer. So the final video shows the beautiful bride recessing with her groom, and a photographer hopping out in front of the couple so that all you end up seeing on the video is the back of the photographer and a few flashes.

Word to the wise: either hire the videographer to also do the photography, which many videographers do, or advise your photographer to work with the videographer and stay out of the way. It should be easy to do: videographers typically set up their cameras in stationary positions somewhere in the back and/or front of the church or other venue.

4. Set Your Wedding Video to Memorable Music

The videographer will have tons of raw footage from the newlywed’s special day. When you compile the final video, you can choose any background music you want to accompany it. This is an opportunity to set your favorite music, “your songs,” to the video. As a couple, you ensure the memory of the pre-ceremony, ceremony, recessional, dinner music, and any of the reception tunes like the chicken dance. One note: if you use copyrighted music, it’s a little tricky posting your wedding video to YouTube or other public platforms. We’ll write another blog post on that subject.

5. Give Your Guests the Gift of Your Wedding to Help make Your Wedding Last

One final way to prolong the memory of your wedding ceremony is to upload your video to YouTube and share it with your guests. We’ll go over this in another blog post. Ask guests to upload their videos to your YouTube channel. Start a Facebook “group” and ask guests to upload their own photos. You can use other platforms too like Vimeo and Instagram. Finally, if you use a wedding ceremony CD like Love & Ceremony ~ Wedding Music, you can give your guests a copy of the CD.

Make your special day by taking steps to extend it beyond the wedding. Prepare in advance to create a lasting memory for you and your guests by implementing these simple suggestions.

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