The Healing Powers of Music Therapy

Not long after man discovered the use of tools, instruments were created and music began. Music has been a part of human culture for more than 40,000 years. It is an art form as unique to the maker of the music as it is to the person who enjoys it. Some people listen to music to dance or relax – to get moving or to stay still, but always to enjoy its benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of music? The healing properties that are associated with it. Modern medicine has validated the healing power of music, and it is now a widely recognized form of therapy to treat a variety of ailments.

Music Therapy Helps the Healing Process in a Variety of Ways

The Mayo Clinic reports that music can ease anxiety, reduce stress, and improve memory.

Music can also aid in both chronic pain and postoperative pain by 21% according to the UK-based Journal of Advanced Nursing.

A recent medical study supports evidence that certain music can boost immune function and alleviate pain by potentially decreasing the stress-related hormone cortisol.

Older patients can benefit from music therapy as well.  points to research and clinical experiences concluding that music is a form of sensory stimulation that produces feelings of familiarity and security. This can aid patients who have not been responsive to other treatments.

Music therapy can help adolescents overcome behavioral health issues and mental health issues by developing coping skills, according to a study done by the American Music Therapy Association.

The same study found that individuals with autism can reap the benefits of music therapy as well. The are often shown to have a heightened response and interest in music, making it an excellent tool for working with them.

These are only a few examples of how music can help the healing process in a broad spectrum of ailments, diseases and disorders.

Classical Music Is a Therapeutic Tool in Doctors’ Offices

From dentists’ offices to cancer centers, music is heard around the world of medicine.

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