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Wedding Music MP3 - great for the ceremony or for dinner wedding music

Are you planning a wedding? Have you chosen your wedding music yet? Choosing the right wedding music is often the last thing on a bride’s mind, unless she has friends who are in a band. What happens if you don’t really know what to do for music? You could leave it to the DJ to decide. But usually DJs show up at the reception, not the wedding ceremony.

Now is the time to have some fun deciding exactly what kind of music you want for your ceremony. When choosing your music, download this free wedding music MP3 to see if it will fit in well with your special day.

Sharon Ruchman’s website always offers free chamber music downloads of her music at any given time. She recently changed out the free MP3 to Sonata for Cello and Piano, III Allegretto, which is the last piece on her new Love & Ceremony – Wedding Music CD. The piece is a joyous piano and Cello duet. Sharon plays the piano and Mary Costanza accompanies her on the cello.

Sharon Ruchman Offers a Wonderful Selection of Classical Wedding Music and Chamber Music Downloads. The Ceremony Wedding Music MP3 Downloads Are Perfect for Wedding Dinner Music, Too

The sonata is a perfect piece for recessional music, because it’s an upbeat, happy movement that celebrates the best of festive occasions in life. But we recently learned from one bride that she intends to use the free wedding music MP3 download as part of her wedding dinner music. In fact, she said, she plans to give the entire Love & Ceremony CD to her DJ and tell him to play it during the wedding dinner.

Classical music is well suited for wedding dinners because it is truly background music. As the bride and groom work the room and greet their guests, it’s important that the background music not compete with their conversations. It needs to be subtle, beautiful music that complements the mood of the party. Some DJs get this while others need to be given the music and told to play it. Otherwise, they could easily get it wrong and play music that just isn’t appropriate as wedding dinner music.

Whether you’re searching for ceremony wedding music, wedding dinner music, or even reception music such as the father-daughter or mother-son dance, or the first dance for the newly-married couple, give classical music a try. Click here to download your free ceremony wedding music MP3.

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