Art Music Reviews Calls Female Classical Music Composer Sharon Ruchman’s Classical Music CDs “Strikingly Expressive”

Female classical music composer Sharon RuchmanOn behalf of Art Music Reviews of the U.K., art and music reviewer and critic “Byzantion” reviewed two of Sharon Ruchman’s CDs, calling her music unpretentious with “an emotional depth reminiscent at their best of early 20th-century late-Romanticism.” Kudos to Sharon for yet another stellar review! Achieving an emotional connection with her listening audience has always been one of her primary goals as a female classical music composer.

Byzantion gave both her Chamber Music and Arrival of Spring classical music CDs three stars and discussed Sharon’s history and musical training. The review noted Sharon’s desire to stick to the “lyrical intimacy” of writing for fewer instruments in her published work. (What the reviewer does not know is that Sharon has written many pieces for larger orchestration, that this writer hopes will be publicly played one day.)

Sharon as Female Classical Music Composer? Easy on the Ears

Art Music Reviews goes on to say that Sharon has a knack for writing in a very listener-friendly way, with an “unfailing ear for melody.” While an astute observation, Byzantion is not saying anything new. Sharon has received tons of accolades from friends and fans for her prolific and easy-to-listen-to composing and playing style. Her latest CD, Love & Ceremony – Wedding Music is in response to many requests that she compile her classical music to be used for prelude, recessional and processional pieces. She is also embarking on a new project in response to a request for her to write original pieces to accompany poetry.

You can read this latest review of Sharon’s work in its entirety by clicking here. And, if you’ve purchased Sharon’s CDs and would like to review them, we would appreciate your review! Please click on “Sharon’s Music” page, select the CD you would like to review, and scroll down to the bottom to leave your review.





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