Appreciation Gift Program: How Nonprofits Can Give the Gift of Downloadable Music

Gift of Music Card for Appreciation Gift ProgramI’ve been working with Sharon Ruchman for a couple of years now, and one thing I have noticed about her is her desire to share her music with as many people as possible. She wants her music to be heard across the globe.

Sharon’s music is already very well known on classical music radio stations around the world. But we have had challenges getting people to find Sharon’s website. She’s not alone in this phenomenon. Google and the other search engines tend to like large websites and famous brands over the smaller, independent business sites.

Additionally, fewer people listen to classical music than other music genres. Classical music, and especially original classical music, is a very niche market. So we were challenged to create ways to help people find and listen to Sharon’s music.

We had to think out of the box and find diverse ways for Sharon to share her music on a wider scale. We put together a compilation wedding music album which is perfect for precession and recession music, as well as wedding dinner music. But the most interesting effort of all is Sharon’s new Appreciation Gift program.

The New Appreciation Gift Program Helps Nonprofits Say Thank You to Thousands of Donors

We came up with an idea to share Sharon’s music with those who make an impact in the world: nonprofit donors. Our country and the world rely on the work nonprofits do. Donors make it possible for that work to continue. As nonprofit professionals search for a way to thank their donors, we have presented a program we think is a meaningful for nonprofit organizations to thank their donors.

With the new Appreciation Gift Program, nonprofits send their donors a gift card, either in the mail or by email. The gift card has the organization’s logo, colors and message. It invites the donors to the nonprofit’s landing page within the Appreciation Gift website. When the donor arrives, they see the nonprofit’s logo, colors, brand and message, thanking them for their generosity.

The donor is then invited to redeem their gift, the gift of downloadable music. They are shown how to download the music to their desk top, laptop or mobile device. They enter their gift card code and are taken to the download page, where the nonprofit has placed up to 5 of Sharon’s pieces for the donor to download. Again, the nonprofit’s message and brand is on this page.

It’s the perfect way for nonprofits to thank their donors. The gift of downloadable music is cutting edge, soothing and meaningful to the donors. If you know of a nonprofit organization looking for a way to thank their donors, invite them to visit today.

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