Tango Music Album Release! “A Bit of Tango and More…”

Sharon Ruchman announces the release of her sixth original classical music CD, “A Bit of Tango and More…..” The newly-released CD features 13 tracks of Sharon’s original music and includes two tangos. The first is a “Slow Tango” and the last piece on the album is the “Milonga.” Both are fun tango music pieces.

In her original piano solo composition “Slow Tango,” Sharon wants “to capture a couple dancing closely with great feeling and attention to their every movement, and to each other. The piece is melodic and emotional.” In her “Milonga” tango, Sharon performs on piano and is accompanied by renowned cellist Mary Costanza.

Watch Two Tango Music YouTube Videos

Sharon produced two YouTube videos featuring famous Argentinian tango dancer and instructor Alex Krebs, dancing with Jenna Rohrbacher. Click here to watch these sultry videos and see tango music in action. Sharon explains that “the milonga is a type of tango that moves quickly and is very rhythmic. Milonga also refers to a place where Argentines meet in a hall to dance the tango, and often to a live group of local musicians. They gather to socialize with their friends and enjoy a nice meal together.” As creator of both the song and video, Sharon commented, “Viewers can easily see how provocative the music becomes when two dancers make it come alive.”

Sharon’s grandmother was the inspiration for the two original tango pieces. Sharon says her grandmother “was born in Argentina and I feel a deep connection to the music of that country. The Argentines are passionate about this magnificent dance, and there are many variations within the tango allowing each dancer to create their own steps and style. It has become an extremely popular dance internationally, and when I studied the tango for a few years, I was able to realize its complexity and great beauty.”

Original Classical Music, and Somewhat of a Departure

“A Bit of Tango and More….” features 11 additional original classical music compositions. Sharon plays piano with cellist Mary Costanza and violinist Kiwon Nahm on track #1, “Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano in G Minor.” Sharon wrote and performs original solo piano pieces “Frolicking”, “Piano Sonato in A Flat Major” and “Mystere.” The “Sonata for Cello and Piano in D Major” features Ruchman on piano and Costanza on cello.

Known to enjoy using imagery in her music, Sharon commented that, “’Frolicking’ is joyful in that it depicts children skipping and playing. It is a departure from what one would call ‘traditional’ classical music, and through its originality, it captures the essence of how I believe music feels.” Frequently a seeker of a place that gives her utter peace, Sharon pursued that quest when composing “Mystere”. She stated that “this piece captures that place of calm and reflection. It is the embodiment of soothing instrumental music.”

Intervals of Sharon Ruchman’s newest compositions on her newly-released “A Bit of Tango and More….” CD can be heard and purchased on her new album page by clicking here.

Sharon’s music is also available as MP3s on Amazon and on iTunes. Information about Sharon Ruchman can also be found on Wikipedia.

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