Choosing the Right Ceremony Wedding Music

Sharon-Ruchman-Love-and-CeremonyWith the release of Sharon’s new album, Love & Ceremony – Wedding Music, we’ve been delving into the world of weddings to see how classical music fits in with what brides are looking for to complete their big day. We were putting together the demo video to show you how beautiful Sharon’s music sounds playing in the background while guests are arriving (prelude music), as ceremony music when the bride processes up the aisle (processional music), and lastly, as the bride and groom are recessing down the aisle (recessional music). It was then that we made a startling discovery.

Brides Don’t Think About Their Ceremony Wedding Music

Lydia from Classic Video Productions (by the way, video is a MUST have to make your day complete! And the folks at Classic Video Productions have done thousands) told us that most brides do not even think about their ceremony wedding music.

After all, there are about a million things for a bride to coordinate in preparation for her wedding – her and her brides maids’ dresses, the venue, the flowers, the invitations, her hair, the honeymoon, etc., etc. Brides are concentrating so hard on everything else that they end up leaving the music decisions to the quartet, organist or DJ.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can easily choose wedding ceremony music that fits the mood and your style by listening to samples, visiting playlists on wedding planner websites, and watching video to see if you can visualize the music that will fit your procession.

Ceremony Wedding Music that Fits Your Style

We noticed during the video production process that the processional and recessional music can lift the entire ceremony to new heights if chosen carefully. It was amazing to hear how Sharon’s music, because her tracks are original classical music pieces, offered a whole new dimension to the sample ceremonies in the video.

We had thought that her music was appropriate for church weddings and wanted to steer clear of the outdoor scenes. But when Lydia started playing Sharon’s music as the background to outdoor wedding processions, it sounded just as breathtaking and appropriate as for indoor weddings. We decided to add outdoor ceremonies to the video. And it fits very well.

So your wedding ceremony music doesn’t have to be “canned.” You don’t have to leave the decisions to the DJ or musicians. You can choose to process up the aisle to original music. It will lift your guests, surprise them, and be as unique as you are.

Free Wedding Music CD Samplers

If you’d like to hear samples of Sharon’s music to see if her CD would be right for your wedding ceremony, visit her ceremony wedding music CD page. You can download an entire piece for free by clicking here. And, listen to all of her other albums’ samples. They are filled with original classical music to enhance any wedding.

About Sharon Ruchman

Sharon graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree in education and earned her Master of Music degree at the Yale School of Music. She was a soloist in the “Mozart Requiem” with the New Haven Symphony Orchestra, and in the summer of 2006, she returned to Yale to study composition privately with Orianna Webb. In 2009, one of her cello and piano pieces was selected by the National Composers Association to be played in San Francisco. She released her first chamber music CD, “Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music." Since then, Sharon has released a new album each year and performed her original compositions at prestigious venues such as The Federation of Jewish Communities of Western Connecticut at Heritage Village in Southbury, CT. Her pieces have been aired on many radio stations world-wide, including CJPX in Montreal in the “Hits” category, WSCL in Salisbury, MD, and KVOD in Denver, CO.

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