Sharon Ruchman Original Classical Music Reviews

Art Music Reviews Calls Female Classical Music Composer Sharon Ruchman’s Classical Music CDs “Strikingly Expressive”

On behalf of Art Music Reviews of the U.K., art and music reviewer and critic “Byzantion” reviewed two of Sharon Ruchman’s CDs, calling her music unpretentious with “an emotional depth reminiscent at their best of early 20th-century late-Romanticism.” Kudos to Sharon for yet another stellar review! Achieving an emotional connection with her listening audience has always been one of her primary goals as a female...Read more »

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‘FANFARE’ Magazine Features Reviews of Classical Music Composer & Pianist Sharon Ruchman CDs

Woman Composer Sharon Ruchman at her piano, 2011

Washington, CT, January 5, 2012 –The January 2012 issue of “Fanfare” magazine, one of the largest, oldest and most-respected bi-monthly magazines written exclusively for the avid music compact disc collectors and music aficionados, features an interview with classical music composer and pianist, Sharon Ruchman of Washington, Connecticut ( The issue also features two reviews of Ruchman’s first two CDs, “Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music” and “Arrival...Read more »

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