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The Healing Powers of Music Therapy

Image of album cover for "Remembrance" - classical music CD

Not long after man discovered the use of tools, instruments were created and music began. Music has been a part of human culture for more than 40,000 years. It is an art form as unique to the maker of the music as it is to the person who enjoys it. Some people listen to music to dance or relax – to get moving or to...Read more »

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Appreciation Gift Program: How Nonprofits Can Give the Gift of Downloadable Music

Gift of Music Card for Appreciation Gift Program

I’ve been working with Sharon Ruchman for a couple of years now, and one thing I have noticed about her is her desire to share her music with as many people as possible. She wants her music to be heard across the globe. Sharon’s music is already very well known on classical music radio stations around the world. But we have had challenges getting people...Read more »

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Season’s Greetings Special: Free Classical Music MP3 with Purchase

Musical notes on a treble cleff indicating the Important Elements in Music

We know what Sharon’s fans like the best, and that’s music downloads! So, we have a very special Season’s Greetings gift for you. Between now and the end of December, buy any one of Sharon Ruchman’s albums from her website and we will email you a free classical music MP3 of Sharon’s music! And here’s an added bonus: we will send you the MP3 of...Read more »

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Tango Music Album Release! “A Bit of Tango and More…”

Sharon Ruchman announces the release of her sixth original classical music CD, “A Bit of Tango and More…..” The newly-released CD features 13 tracks of Sharon’s original music and includes two tangos. The first is a “Slow Tango” and the last piece on the album is the “Milonga.” Both are fun tango music pieces. In her original piano solo composition “Slow Tango,” Sharon wants “to...Read more »

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Download Sharon’s Original Classical Music Ringtone on Your iPhone

Would you like a free original classical music ringtone for your phone? If you’re a Sharon Ruchman fan you may have downloaded one of her free classical music mp3 pieces. The current piece, by the way, is a ceremony wedding music mp3. We’ve had some requests for an original classical music ringtone, so we decided to investigate the possibilities of offering Sharon’s fans an original...Read more »

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Ruchman’s Original Classical Music Heard on More Classical Music Radio Stations

Female classical music composer Sharon Ruchman composes original classical music

Original classical music composer Sharon Ruchman  has gained additional international radio play for movements from her album Remembrance. Click on the links below to visit the classical music radio stations that are now playing Sharon’s classical music: WRR Classical 101.1 Dallas, TX Alabama Public Radio Tuscaloosa, AL WHRO or WHRO on Connoisseur Classics Norfolk, VA WQLN Erie, PA KCSC Edmond, OK KCND Bismarck, ND WMKY...Read more »

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Free Ceremony Wedding Music MP3 Download – Sharon Ruchman

Are you planning a wedding? Have you chosen your wedding music yet? Choosing the right wedding music is often the last thing on a bride’s mind, unless she has friends who are in a band. What happens if you don’t really know what to do for music? You could leave it to the DJ to decide. But usually DJs show up at the reception, not...Read more »

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Wedding Music Ideas from an Original Classical Music Composer

Wedding Music Ideas and Suggestions

  Read more about original classical music ideas including wedding dinner music and soothing instrumental music from the events described below.   Recently we’ve been exploring all things wedding with the release of Sharon’s new compilation album, Love & Ceremony – Wedding Music. Lately we’ve found that there are some beautiful, photographic wedding blogs out there to record a wedding. It’s amazing that many of...Read more »

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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Last

Make your wedding last by creating a longer musical experience for the procession.

You’ve spent at least a year planning and preparing. Everything is perfect, from the venue to the flowers, the dresses to the tuxes, the ceremony music to the DJ. Now is the time to make sure your entire wedding ceremony lasts long enough to make it memorable, but not too long that guests start squirming in their seats (haven’t you been to one of THOSE...Read more »

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Ceremony Wedding Music Video Highlights Sharon Ruchman’s New CD

Bride arriving by horse and carriage - scene in ceremony wedding music video

Washington, Conn., May 2013 – As a lively, visual accompaniment to the original music of classical music composer and pianist Sharon Ruchman,  she has released a captivating Love & Ceremony – Wedding Music video.  Composer of four previous classical music CDs, Ruchman commented about her newly-released Love & Ceremony – Wedding Music CD that, “All of my compositions are original. So more often than not,...Read more »

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