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Art Music Reviews Calls Female Classical Music Composer Sharon Ruchman’s Classical Music CDs “Strikingly Expressive”

On behalf of Art Music Reviews of the U.K., art and music reviewer and critic “Byzantion” reviewed two of Sharon Ruchman’s CDs, calling her music unpretentious with “an emotional depth reminiscent at their best of early 20th-century late-Romanticism.” Kudos to Sharon for yet another stellar review! Achieving an emotional connection with her listening audience has always been one of her primary goals as a female...Read more »

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Classical Music Composer Sharon Ruchman and Cellist Mary Costanza Perform Sonata for Cello and Piano: Allegretto

Sonata for Cello and Piano by classical music composer Sharon Ruchman

In October 2012, original classical music composer Sharon Ruchman released her fourth album in four years. The album, “Textures,” boasts 15 tracks and is filled with mostly sonatas, duets and solo pieces. Textures begins with three movements which comprise the first three tracks entitled, Sonata for Cello and Piano in F-Sharp Minor, Opus 8. In this piece, Sharon plays with renowned cellist, Mary Costanza. The...Read more »

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Classical Music Radio Stations Carry Sharon Ruchman’s Music

Classical Music Radio Heard through Smart Phone

If you like to listen to classical music online, click on the links to the classical music radio stations listed below. They have played Sharon Ruchman’s original classical music over the last several months and will continue to play her music, especially if you request it! Some of these classical music radio stations offer podcasts you can listen to, while others have live streaming. If...Read more »

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Sharon Ruchman Releases Fourth Classical Music CD in Four Years: “TEXTURES”

Textures Sharon Ruchman Classical Music CD

Washington, CT, October 22, 2012 – “Textures”is the enticing title that classical music composer and pianist, Sharon Ruchman of Washington, Connecticut, chose for her just-released classical music CD. This is the fourth CD Ruchman has released in four consecutive years’ time. “Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music” featuring “Sea Glass” was her first CD released in October 2009; “Arrival of Spring,” her second CD, was released in...Read more »

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Sneak Peak of Upcoming Album: Sonata for Cello and Piano in F Sharp Minor

Sneak Peak of Upcoming Album: Sonata for Cello and Piano in F Sharp Minor

I’m really excited with the release of my new album, “Textures.” It has 15 tracks and starts out with “Sonata for Cello and Piano in F Sharp Minor, Opus 8.” Below is a YouTube video of me and Mary Costanza, cellist, playing the first movement of the sonata “live” just for you. The music begins at 2:23 minutes into the video. Before that point, I...Read more »

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The Mindless Auditory Stimulation in our Lives


Recently, I was having a lovely breakfast in a hotel overlooking the English Channel, when the pleasantness of the moment was disrupted by tasteless music over the dining room speakers. Maybe I am just getting older and more intolerant or maybe there is just more mindless auditory stimulation in our lives today. I treasure peace and quiet and the opportunity to think about my day,...Read more »

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Writing Music for Film

Writing music for film: digital disc and a film strip image

I am a composer who enjoys writing in the classical music style and have been told by many people who hear my compositions that my style lends itself to background music for film. I have always had an interest in writing for film and have, over the years, composed for smaller film projects. The question is: What are listeners hearing in my music that makes...Read more »

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My Classical Music CD Project, Continued: Choosing The Order of Tracks on a CD

Sharon's New Classical Music CD Album Cover "Textures"

In addition to all the myriad of things needed for completing a CD in general, and my classical music CD in particular, there is the question of how to decide on the order of tracks on a CD. This is not a trivial decision. The order of music pieces is extremely important for the continuity of the music. It requires much thought and this is...Read more »

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Music Sequencing Then and Now

Sharon works with Alec on music sequencing - she has many classical music movements in her upcoming album

Music Sequencing has changed greatly over the years and it has transformed the way we listen to music. For those of us who remember the 33 1/3, 45, and 78 lp records, each song or piece with several movements were entitled and put in the proper sequential order. People listened accordingly. The difference today is that we have the option to download the music we...Read more »

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Editing for an Original Classical Music CD

Image of Sharon talking about the topic "Editing for an Original Classical Music CD"

Editing music for a CD, especially in the classical music genre, is a rewarding challenge that can often stem from a tedious process. Ultimately, when recording an original classical music piece, I want to make certain that there are enough takes that are performed well, giving me ample options for making the final edits. CT Recording Engineer as Key to My Classical Music CD Project...Read more »

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