Arrival of Spring

Arrvial of Spring Classical Music CD

A Classical Music CD of Finest Distinction

Arrival of Spring Classical Music CD

  • String quartet perfect for wedding music
  • Give the gift of original classical music
  • Classical music for violin, piano, and more

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String Quartet in F Sharp Minor, OP.1 Tracks 1-3

Arrival of Spring Classical Music CD
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Sharon Ruchman Arrival of Spring Classical Music CD

Complete Arrival of Spring Music Sampler

String Quartet in F Sharp Minor, OP.1 Tracks 1-3

Arrival of Spring Tracks 4-5

Memoria Dolci Tracks 6-8

Solemnity Track 9

Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano in F Minor, Op.2 Tracks 10-12

Twilight Track 13

Exultation Track 14-16

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Arrival of Spring Classical Music CD
Purchase $9.99

When You Want a Classical Music CD for Wedding Music or Simple Relaxation…

…look no further than the Classical Music of Sharon Ruchman. Arrival of Spring has several tracks that are especially suited for wedding music. The first piece in three movements, String Quartet in F Sharp Minor, Opus 1, is perfect for pre-wedding receptions. Let these three movements for string quartet greet your guests with elegance and sophistication.

Listen to a sample of track #8, Memoria Dolci, for a delightful interplay between violin and piano. The eleventh track, Trio (violin, cello & piano) in F Minor offers a beautiful piece for your precession wedding music. You can purchase the entire CD or go to Amazon or iTunes to purchase and download your favorite individual tracks.

Just as winter doesn’t wane without a fight, so too, spring does not arise without a solemn tribute to winter. Listen to tracks 9 through 12 for this incredible accolade and a surprise promise by winter to return to us in short order! Winter and spring reach a quiet agreement in track 13, Twilight, that brings them together, allowing spring, for now, to arise and dominate, and winter to slumber.

We find in this album that musical nature is not unlike human nature: cello and piano are playfully pitted both with and against each other in the final three movements of this original classical music CD, in the piece that can only be named Exultation. Beauty and solemnity, respect and harmony accompany a playful joust that makes these final three tracks a culmination of everything that defines the arrival of Spring for us.

Whether you are interested in music for your wedding or simply to end your day, accompany your brunch, help you relax, teach music theory to your class, or buy your loved one a birthday gift, choose original classical music. Choose the classical music of Sharon Ruchman, composer and pianist.

Arrival of Spring Classical Music CD
Purchase $9.99

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